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Emma, 34, second birth

Rachel's warm, friendly, approachable and compassionate persona made me feel at ease talking with her and sharing my very deepest anxieties. She listened and reassured me that all I was feeling was normal. This felt like a relief in itself. She then went on to work through each of my fears with me, establishing simple and practical actions for me to take, moving forward. She helped me to visualise what I wanted from my birth and to believe that this was possible. Through explaining the science of childbirth combined with a variety of hypnobirthing techniques, Rachel helped me to foster a positive mindset towards birth in which I could trust my body and understand the purpose of the sensations I would be experiencing. Visualising this in labour really helped me to feel safe and trust my body instead of fighting or fearing it. 

From breathing techniques to visualisations, birth planning to bag packing and developing a generally greater  understanding of childbirth, Rachel helped me to feel empowered with knowledge, techniques and practical guidance. 

I can only describe my second birth as beautifully healing and empowering. I delivered my baby at home, safely and calmly without any pain relief. Before speaking to Rachel, I never imagined this could have been possible.  My memories of birth are no longer of trauma and pain but rather of the powerful visualisations and affirmations I had used, thanks to Rachel's support. The world needs more birthing angels like her. Thank you


Becky, 32, first birth

We absolutely loved Rachel's hypnobirthing course. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate and we can't recommend her enough! Rachel empowered us with the tools to feel confident and relaxed about our baby's birth, and by the end of the course I was even looking forward to it! The birth itself went pretty smoothly and when we faced a couple more challenging moments, we were able to remain calm thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques we had learnt on the course. Thanks so much to Rachel for making what could have been an incredibly daunting experience into a wonderful one!

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