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Why Hypnobirthing?

Preparing for your birth

Stepping into the unknown is scary, but like anything life changing, if you arm yourself with all the information and give yourself the permission to prepare for birth, you will have the positive experience you deserve. 

Hypnobirthing gives you the knowledge around what is happening to the body during labour, tools and techniques to feel in control of the experience and therefore calmly navigate both the birth and the fourth trimester (once your baby is here).

The course will cover:

Everything you need to know about birth, but approaching it with a kind, inclusive and supportive approach to help build a positive and calm mindset. We can release any fear or pre-conceived ideas you have to give you the birth you deserve. 

Breathing and relaxation techniques to be used throughout pregnancy and during birth.

The importance of language and using affirmations.

Building a positive and supportive role for your birth partner.

Exploring and understanding the fourth trimester and how a positive birth can enable a positive transition to parenthood.

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